Villa in Ganei Tchelet – Liora Carlstein

Architect: Liora Carlstein
Photographer: Uzi Porat

A multi-root luxury stands behind the design tradition seen at every corner of the villa in Ganei Tchelet.

Using unique rocks and design techniques that include deliberate thought in every detail, Carlstein infuses into her designed spaces an experience that is rarely seen these days – an experience that respects intimate luxury full of glory.

Liora Karlstein-Wald, specializes in designing luxury homes in Israel and around the world, for over 25 years. Stands out in groundbreaking original design, innovation in design, integration of materials and assimilation of advanced concepts in all stages of planning.

“Proper design is not a matter of fashion, it will always stand the test of time and look like a contemporary world. It is the result of functional sculpture that produces a perfect synergy between man and the structure of the design product.”

Her office is ranked among the top ten offices in Israel in the design of luxury homes.

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