Modern Clasics – Liora Sternfeld

Architect: Liora Sternfeld
Photographer: Uzi Porat

An art and space creation with a suitable name – a modern classic is a space that combines two opposites and creates the possible within the impossible. Combination of stone and wood, whiteness of the surface and the color of the accessories, luxury and functionality, royalty and the day-to-day – transform in the hands of architect Liora Sternfeld into a live design experience inside the house.

Liora Sternfeld’s office specializes in interior design, with rich experience of over 20 years.

“Design is an individual thing. Every person who asks me to design his house, office or apartment has his own dream and desire. For me, my job as a designer is to find out with the client his dream, to refine it with him and make his dreams and desires a reality.”

Did you like the furniture in the project? Our team is here to fulfill your dream as well