House in Gedera – Keinan Architecture and Design

Max and Eli Keinan Architecture and Interior Design
Photographer: Oded Smadar

Most of us dream of disengaging from the urban tumult and engage with the freshness and vast space of nature.. and some actually do so.

Keinan Architects make dreams come true for those who cherish the good life by creating designed spaces based on a clear, vast, pure and clean worldview.

The sense of clarity obtained from visiting the luxury villa in the Moshav in the country’s south end, provides visitors with the opportunity to connect to different concepts of time and beauty.

Keenan Architecture and Interior Design, a veteran and experienced firm owned by two brothers, Max and Eli Keinan, who has established himself as a leading leading firm in its field, maintains a high level of design with an emphasis on functionality, aesthetics and quality materials in contemporary and advanced design. Accompanies his clients from the planning stage, accompanying all licensing, construction and design processes to the level of complementary equipment for the home.

Did you like the furniture in the project? Our team is here to fulfill your dream as well