BLUE TOWER – Orna Gershonovich

Architect: Orna Gershonovits Photographer: Gilda Radat

Games of space and time are expressed in the unique designs of architect Orna Gershonovits.

While maintaining clean lines and amazing expressive combination between intimacy and freedom, the Blue Tower was created, an intimate designer space that includes the most chic furniture offered by the top fashion houses in the world.

Orna Gershnowitz’s office

Engaged in the construction of apartments and private homes from the purchase of the land to the occupancy form – Form 4.

Design of contractor apartments or existing apartments,

Renovation and accompaniment down to the last detail. Design of shops and small businesses.

Expansion of apartments and renovation after a master plan change. Styling and dressing of the house which changes the appearance of the house and its functions.

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