Apartment in the Sharon – Meirav Berman and Miki Keter

Architects: Meirav Berman and Miki Keter
Photographer: Elad Gonen

Living naturally but not willing to part with home comfort? You will be surprised to know that this is precisely the magic that architects Meirav Berman and Miki Keter make happen.

In amazing harmonious collaboration, Berman and Keter create a perfect blend of synthetic and natural materials all combined in an experience of flexibility and peace.

Using top raw materials and matching them to the ideal furniture, a Kfar Saba project turns out to be a real gem in the middle of the Sharon area.

The office of Miki Keter and Merav Berman is considered one of the leading architecture and design firms in Israel, with extensive experience in projects in a variety of fields: building architecture, interior design, office and company designs. In the private sector in apartments and luxury homes. In the field of trading in law firms, accountants and clinics. Their office was chosen by the leading magazine for architecture and design, Building and Housing, as one of the 10 most promising architects’ offices in Israel.

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