Apartment in Tel Aviv- Sagit Hendler Mark

Architect: Sagit Hendler Mark

Postmodern chic based on top designs, unique styles and accessories from the most exclusive designer houses in the world- are some of the milestones that turned the apartment designed by Sagit Hendler Mark into a timeless experience.

Combining minimalistic elements hand in hand with warm materials that create an intimate feeling, Hendler Mark has created the perfect house in the center of Tel Aviv: both fashionable and intimate.

A HIT graduate with an office for interior design and architecture. Specializes in designing private homes, apartments, condominiums, lobbies, offices and commercial spaces.

“The big challenge in design is to re-create a place that exactly fits the customer’s needs, learn and listen to the different habits and requirements and design a space that will fit like a glove.

My influences come from the world of art, fashion and world travel “

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