Apartment in Raanana – Adi Berler

Architect: Adi Berler
Photographer: Shai Epstein

The best of exclusive accessories from the top fashion and design houses in the world – are those that transformed the process of designing a luxury apartment in Raanana into a contious experience of joy and creativity.

Combining designer accessories using synthetic and natural raw materials, choosing exclusive furniture and maintiaing a clean and unique style – all create a space of security and exclusivity.

Adi Berler specializes in interior design and architecture of apartments and private homes.
The planning concept underlying her work is that a home comes to serve its occupants, so it must be tailored to their specific needs, lifestyle and reflect their personal style and taste.
A successful construction project comes to fulfill every client’s dream and turn the space into a home for him.

Did you like the furniture in the project? Our team is here to fulfill your dream as well