Apartment in Blue Project Tel-Aviv- Michal Yiftach Rotem

Architect: Michal Yiftach Rotem

From the outside in, Yiftach Rotem is dedicated to creating magical harmony integrating between material and space, intimacy and freedom.

Project Blue in Tel Aviv needed a soft touch based on new and clean style, and that is exactly the feeling achieved in combining the unique furniture carefully selected to fit the client’s needs.

Michal Yiftach Rotem specializes in exterior and interior design for private homes, designed apartments and offices. Her office, which is run in the format of a design studio, is responsible for many projects in the central area and is characterized by up-to-date planning, customized and produces a design aesthetic that appeals to the senses and technological design logic. Michal makes sure that the planned spaces will enrich the lives of the users and meet their functional and design expectations at the same time.

Did you like the furniture in the project? Our team is here to fulfill your dream as well