Apartment in Akirov Towers – Max and Eli Keinan

Architects: Meirav Berman and Miki Keter
Photographer: Alon Talmi

Royal luxury is visible to the viewer from every corner of the house. The combination of classic beauty typical to royalty and delicate pastel colors – creates a sense of timelessness between past, future and this moment.

The use of raw materials that give a homey feeling is expressed in every room in the house, and the selection of luxury furniture turns every niche in the house into a masterpiece in and of itself.

Keinan Architecture and Interior Design, is a veteran and experienced firm owned by two brothers Max and Eli Keinan, which has established itself as a reliable leading firm in its field, maintains a high level of design with an emphasis on functionality, aesthetics and selection of quality materials in contemporary and advanced design and customization. Accompanies his clients from the planning stage, accompanying all licensing, construction and design processes to the level of complementary equipment for the home.

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