A Villa in Haifa – Oded Halaf

Architect: Oded Halaf
Photographer: Itay Sikolski

Sikolski integrates the wild and the level-headed, between natural and designed and between the non-processed material and the finished form of his unique designs.

In the exclusive villa in Haifa, Sikolski creates a space that is complete with synergy between nature and the outdoors and the house and its interior.

Strictly using semi-processed raw materials and adhering to exclusive furniture with hand-made design, architect Sikolski integrates the wild and mountainous nature of Haifa into marvellous luxury and beauty in the interior living spaces.

Oded Halaf Architects’ firm specializes in designing private homes, residential complexes, apartments, commercial offices and custom projects.
Designing projects in a wide range of styles using the ability and experience to combine diverse and unique materials with innovative technology in new and distinct ways.

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