A house in Zahala- Serge Ben-David

Architect: Serge Ben David
Photographer: Oded Smadar

Only a few architects have the power to combine darkness and light, luxury and simplicity, nobility and kindness.

Architect Serge Ben David’s unique touch has transformed a home in Tzahala into a perfect blend of precise colors, proper lighting, the perfect furniture and space for the house. Photography: Oded Smadar

The office of Serge Ben David – Architects and Interior Designers specializes in the planning and design of private homes and luxury apartments.
Extensive experience in leading diverse projects: city building plans, residential neighborhoods, apartment towers, malls and various public projects.
The houses designed by Serge are elegant, steeped in unique details, and individually tailored to each client.
The architectural language is determined according to the client’s world of values, the way of life to which he aspires and his cultural anchors.

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