A house in the Merkaz (country center) – Dori Sela

Architect: Dorit Sela
Photographer: Oded Smadar

When space and freedom are nurtured with love and great care is given to the smallest of details, Dorit Sela’s unique talents exhibit the influence of harmony on daily life.

With select furniture and listening to the client’s needs architect Sela has transformed a house in the country’s center into a sanctuary of aesthetics, clean lines and broad horizons. Photographer: Oded Smadar.

Dorit Sela’s office specializes in architecture and interior design. The combination of them makes it possible to provide the firm’s clients with the best and most professional architectural service.
“Technological changes have led to constant creativity and the creation of tools that redefine the concept of design.”

Did you like the furniture in the project? Our team is here to fulfill your dream as well