A house in Jerusalem – Gili Onger

Designer: Gili Unger
Photo: Shiran Carmel

Who said that luxury has to be monotonous? Gili Onger gives his designs a unique chic reserved for those who cherish life and joy, happiness and livelihood.

Playing with an abundance of shape and color, a Jerusalem home is turned into an exciting experience for the four senses: in color, in shape, in texture and in scent, Onger gives the space a streak of mischievousness that turns each day into a new game.

Home dresser and artist-designer Gili Unger, is considered a leader and pioneer in the field of home dressing in Israel. To this day, he has dressed and designed dozens of apartments and houses in Israel and abroad, and his works are frequently featured in important design magazines.
Conducts and teaches in the “Dressing the house – the real thing” workshop, which he initiated and developed, which exposes his students to practical skills in the world of home styling.

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